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Cheyenne Frontier Days

In October 2007, I found myself in Wyoming. Where did I go first? Cheyenne Frontier Days, of course! Cheyenne Frontier Days is one of the two most popular destinations for the rodeo, besides Calgary.
This rodeo has been going on for a long time. Cheyenne holds a ton of history in the cowboy and cowgirl department. Started in 1987, the Cheyenne Frontier Days is one of the largest and most popular annual rodeo celebrations in the world, drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors during the 10 day span in July!
Rodeos and concerts – if you are a rodeo star or musician, I would be amazed if you haven’t ridden or played here. Reba McEntire use to ride here before she turned to singing.
When I arrived at Cheyenne Frontier Days, it was obviously not July, and they did not have a rodeo going on. That’s ok – I’ll be back! So I checked out the museum. 🙂
The museum showcases a ton of history. Costumes of cowgirls, cowboys and the rodeo clowns.
The museum showcases some many stars including Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost
Something I admire are the photographs. They show the everyday details of the cowboys, cowgirls and their loved ones, not only in the arena, but off as well. These are hard workers, who appreciate and challenge themselves everyday. This isn’t cut out for everyone.
 Now you know they don’t all ride their horses in. Various forms of transportation are showcased from current to way back when.
Something that draws me to rodeos is really the simplicity that is at the base of it all. It all comes back to working the land, getting your hands dirty and proving what you’ve got and that you can make it. It gets back to the roots of what this country has to provide. This country wasn’t built on corporations and big businesses, it was built on working with the resources that you have. At the end of the day, it’s about being proud and seeing what you can do with your own two hands. These men and women take the tools they learn on their ranches and farms and put them into the competition to prove that they are the best.
Get on out there!
Enjoy the ride!On my way out I asked the ladies in the Gift Shop the best way to Laramie. They gave me two options, the quicker (highway) way and the more scenic way. Scenic way it is – Happy Jack Highway here I come!

Top Golf

There are only a few Top Golf locations situated throughout the world. London, D.C., Chicago and Texas.
What is Top Golf? It’s a driving range, but not any driving range… it’s more like a game. When you arrive, you get a card with your name and balance, kind of like a gift card. Each ball has a computer chip in so it will acknowledge which ball is yours (this is done when you get your bucket of balls out of the machine.) If you hit your ball over the fence and into traffic, they will know it’s yours, beware.
This is where it gets interesting. Instead of hitting the ball at a flag as you would at most driving ranges, each flag is surrounded a bigger hole type area. The closer to the flag you hit the ball, the more points you get. Yes I said points. There are various types of games that you can play with your friends to fire up the competition a little bit. The closer to the flag and the farther away the flag is, the more points you get. Every once in a while, the computer will show that you get a bonus ball. If you hit within the inner most circle surrounding the flag, this is considered a hole-in-one and you get a free game. Not too shabby!
Pay no attention to form. Strictly the fact that I hit the hell out of that ball!
At one point we were going there every Sunday morning and calling it “Church”.  Not only would we go to play golf but they also have great food and drinks available. This is a great outing for family, a group of friends, business parties or even just to practice on your swing. It’s pretty cute to see the little kids get out there and practice their swing. The only downside is that it is a little more on the expensive side but it’s definitely worth the fun for any skill level. I had never played golf before Top Golf. Even though I mostly go to just hit the ball hard and far, I really do love it and it helped lead me to actually try out a real game of golf!
I even beat the boys!
Points of Note:
* Pets are welcome, just don’t leave them in your car.
** Free clubs are available to use if you don’t have your own.
***Be sure to sign up on their website to be on their email list – they will occasionally send you free games.
**** The Top Golf in Dallas has three miniature golf courses. They are a lot of fun.