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Virginia Is For Lovers

I took my first trip to Virginia in July of 2005 (also my first time on an airplane), I’ve now been three times each to see some awesome friends. I loved it so much that I was pretty tempted to move. I’m really not sure why I never did.

The DC area has so much to offer and so much history. Each time I’ve visited there is something new to see and the museums are pretty affordable so it’s a great place to go! (The Smithsonian’s are all free and there’s about a 20 of them.)

My favorite place when I visited wasn’t in a museum or even in DC. It was driving around in Virginia. We went to see my friend’s mom’s horse and visit some family members and the drive alone was worth the trip. It may take you only 20 minutes to get into the city but when you are out, it’s a beautiful countryside. White fences line the roads, horse farms are everywhere with rolling pastures. At sunset the dew and humidity would sit right above the grass in the fields. What I wouldn’t give to live out there (too bad the home prices are kind of outrageous).

Who wouldn’t like to drive down these roads everyday to their home?
When we were traveling down these roads, there were historical markers stating Civil War activity occurred here. Maybe someday I can go back and just roam around and imagine the history of the land.
Love and miss them a ton!