Campo Verde, Arlington, TX

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So, there’s a little Mexican restaurant over in Arlington, Texas that is known more for it’s decor during the holiday season than anything else. Have you heard of Campo Verde? I’ve been here before but never during Christmas and when I walked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes and seriously needed some shades!
The only things that weren’t decorated were the little Mexican guys on top of the building outside. Couldn’t believe they left them out!

I was having a lot of fun with these lights inside. How can you not?!

If you have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, keep this place in mind next year. It helped me out a little bit. If for nothing else, go grab a margarita. They were delicious!

10 thoughts on “Campo Verde, Arlington, TX

  1. B2012

    is it a restaurant? didn’t see any tables with food…=) but its crazy! do they decorated the whole building like that just on christmas?

  2. Jules

    My son and I went over Christmas break and it was totally over the top….like Christmas sensory overload. You just don’t know where to look next!

  3. Alyx

    Oh my gosh, that’s insane!!!! I seriously want to go there now. Looks like it combines two of the best things in life – Christmas and Mexican food.


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