Mom & Dad Take Another Trip To Texas!

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Over Memorial Day weekend, my parents came to visit me in the large state of Texas from the tiny state of Vermont. My mom got on a plane for the second time in her life, both times to see her “little girl”. She even told me that she wouldn’t do it unless it was to come see me. :)

Well, the first time my parents came to visit, I filled every second with things to do because I wanted them to experience everything that there is in this area. Needless to say, it was a little overwhelming. So this trip, I didn’t plan a thing, other than an old car show for my dad and thinking of a few places to eat. Once you experience Texas BBQ, there is no turning back.

We drove around checking out the large houses in Colleyville, Southlake and Westlake where celebrities, professional athletes and business owners live in their huge homes.

We also got to see some great Longhorns!

We swung by Cabela’s. Shopping in the store itself is a lot more fun than shopping via catalog.

Check out this pair of briefs – you can wear them for 6 weeks in a row!

How could someone stop in Texas without swinging by the spaceship, aka Jerry World, aka Cowboy Stadium.
We also had a good go around on some go-karts. I don’t know about you but when we were little we would go to Old Orchard Beach every year for vacation. We’d go play mini golf and hit up the go-karts at least once. It really feels so long ago. If it’s been a while since you’ve treated yourself to a little go-kart action, it’s time you revisit. Man oh man was it ever a blast. I wish I had some pictures! Dad had his cart completely stuck (t-boned) against the side of the track and had to get pushed out (he was getting a little reckless). At the very end, I came whipping by Sy, only to have my mom beat me at the very end! She was pretty escatic.

We also went to the Omni Theatre in Ft. Worth to see ‘Tornado Alley’. The Omni seats are very steep and the dome above provides a full, 3D affect – it’s as if you are right there in the middle of whatever you are seeing. At the beginning of the shows, there is a helicopter flyover of Ft. Worth. It’s pretty intense and made my mom pretty nervous. She grabbed ahold of my dad’s arm, for a second you thought you were going to fall out of your seat. It was hysterical.

Some other locations which we checked out which I’ll post about later are: Founders Plaza, Classic Chevy Convention, downtown Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Stockyards.

With all this running around we were bound to get hungry.
BBQ Fix – North Main BBQ
Mexican Fix – Chuys
Mom and I worked on my garden that I’ve started out on the patio. Now I feels like it’s really grown, even though the only new item we planted is cilantro. I can’t wait until some items start to grow. It’s really exciting! 
It’s really nice to see family, especially since they live 2,000 miles away. It’s especially hard to see them go but in August I will see them again. Considering it’s already June 2nd – I’m sure August will be here before we know it!
Did anyone have any out of town visitors over the holiday weekend or check out anything new and exciting?!

One thought on “Mom & Dad Take Another Trip To Texas!

  1. chefmeredith

    It makes me laugh when I read your posts…your mom sounds JUST LIKE MINE! She’s only been on a plane a few times, and once was because I bought her a plane ticket to visit me which is the ONLY reason she got on the plane. She hates to fly! And when you said you two worked on your garden…when my parents came down one year, me and my mom worked on my garden together! I have pictures of us doing some flower boxes! Too funny!

    PS I don’t think you should live so far away!! We’d have too much fun together! :(


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