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Overall, the weekend weather has been perfection. It’s the best time to be outside with great company and enjoy everything local. Over the past few weeks, we’ve found ourselves visiting local Fort Worth breweries and this past weekend we ventured just outside of town to Revolver Brewing in Granbury, Texas.

An easy 30 minute drive just off Highway 377, Revolver Brewing sits in a perfect location. Perfect as you feel like this is a little secret spot that only the people there know about. On first look, it was much bigger than I expected, extremely nice and most importantly – relaxing. This is what weekends are all about, right?!

Revolver Brewing, Granbury Texas, Texas Beer, Texas Brewery, Drink Local, Texas Beer

From 12 to 3pm, visitors can enjoy four glasses of their favorite Revolver Brews in a custom Revolver glass (which they keep). Come after 2pm and you’ll be allotted two pours. For $10 each, this is a great deal! Around 1:30pm, we enjoyed a little tour from a brewmaster who provided some insight on their operation as well as answering some questions from guests.

Revolver Brewing, Granbury Texas, Texas Beer, Texas Brewery, Drink Local, Texas Beer Revolver Brewing, Granbury Texas, Texas Beer, Texas Brewery, Drink Local, Texas Beer

Outside, there was a great space full of picnic tables, seating, games and most importantly a stage with a live band. Food vendors are also available each weekend. With the weather being in the 70’s, it couldn’t get any better. All of my favorite things in one location.

Revolver Brewing, Granbury Texas, Texas Beer, Texas Brewery, Drink Local, Texas Beer

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the city and enjoy something close but a little out of sight from the everyday “norm”. This was it. We were still able to head back to Fort Worth and enjoy the rest of the day and meet up with some great people. If experiencing local brews is your thing, I’d highly recommend placing Revolver on the top of the list.

Revolver Brewery 7180a

Our recommendations: Sidewinder and High Brass

Revolver Brewing
5650 Matlock Road
Granbury, Texas
Hours: 12-3pm

Hall Around Texas

Weekend in Review

Talk about a barrel of fun! This weekend flew by and I’m still not 100% sure where it went but I’m completely certain that it was the best time!

Friday was spent out in Dallas attending the Guster concert at House of Blues. Prior to the show, we ate at Fireside Pies and it was delicious! If you ever go, they have these great little goat cheese stuffed peppers with pecans and topped with pesto. Delicious! If you’ve seen Guster before, you will know that each of their shows is absolutely phenomenal. Upbeat, energetic, funny and will make you want to move. The people are these shows are pretty fantastic as well! This isn’t one that you’d want to miss.

Saturday, we went back to the Stock Show in Fort Worth! Although, the majority of the animals were gone, we had absolutely THE BEST TIME at the Quarter Horse Auction! Between the funny and sarcastic auctioneer and the people, it was highly entertaining.

First off, there was a family of three sitting in front of us. Within the first 15 horses, a little girl came out to show a horse for auction, she had to be around 10 years old. She did such a great job showing the horse, she had the highest bidding horse – sold for $8,000! The excitement and pride that her family had for her was contagious!

After her showing, the family moved and the seats were filled by two gentlemen. One, wearing a Las Vegas rodeo champion jacket and the other who had to be a buyer. These seats were hot! We stayed for 28 of the 60 horses up for auction. This man in front of us bought at least six horses and bid on a few others that he did not win. It was so much fun watching the bidders and auctioneers. I don’t know how I’ve missed these in the past!

The best time I’ve had at the @fwssr, the auction. The seats in front of us were HOT! #SEEFORTWORTH @visitfortworth

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Enough time passed where we decided to get up and move around a little bit. In doing so, we caught the tail end of the sheep dog competition. I have a soft spot in my heart for old cowboys, especially ones with a trusty dog by their side. This one man, who seemed like he had to shuffle his way out into the arena, only whistled to his dog while the dog manned three sheep around the arena. It was amazing (and so cute)! It just makes my heart happy!

Then there was the weather – can we say it’s February and the temperature was in the 80’s it felt like (in the sun at least). The perfect time to find a patio and just sit back and have a cold beer (or two). Relaxation at it’s finest!

What was the best part of your weekend? 

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If You Haven’t Seen Enough Snow This Week…

New England and the Midwest have been getting pounded with snow and the cold for the last week or so. If they haven’t seen enough, I thought I would share some more. Believe me, if I could partake in all this white greatness, I would. I’d even come clean out your driveways for you!

Here is a little reminder that the snow can be pretty too!

Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Farmhouse, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike,  Is anyone else missing the snow? Who has had enough of the snow? 

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