Granbury Ghost & Legends Tour

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The weather is becoming cooler and Halloween is just around the corner. Now is the best time to head to Granbury for prime stories, spooks and scares. I was recently invited out to attend the Granbury Ghost & Legends Tour in Granbury, Texas. If you’re looking for a place to get goosebumps, this is it.

Upon arrival, I was situated in the middle of the town square, surrounded by history, folklore and legendary tales. Perhaps you’ve been to Granbury before, or maybe this is a first trip but there’s something for everyone that will leave you surprised and amazed. I was greeted by my guide who took us around town prompting stories and surprises.

#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour

Although I’ve been to Granbury numerous times, it’s the first time that I really got to listen to some of the amazing history that the walls in the town have to tell.  We visited buildings that I’ve passed by previously and even shopped, private residences and B&B’s that make this town so enchanted.

#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour

Keep an eye (or an ear) out for Mary Lou Watkins. She died in 2001 however she still checks in from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly.

History looms forward with tales of Davy Crockett, Bonnie and Clyde, John Wilkes Booth and other outlaws. There’s a lot more to this town than meets the idea.

#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour

We stopped by the jail where we learned about Joe the Indian and other “visitors” that have passed thru the doors over the years.

#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour

The Aston House

The Aston House is a private residence in town however there have been multiple reports of activity within these walls. This home was built for Dolly in 1905 and sources say she has stuck around. There’s also tales of a friendly cat that has stayed (not the one on the front steps, I asked but maybe not entirely convinced). We were told that when we feel a presence we are suppose to say If you mean us harm please leave, if you mean us no harm, please stay. We were told a story about how one day, the occupants at the time heard a knocking sound. They soon repeated the phrase and heard footsteps walking around the house. To find out whether or not the footsteps left or stayed, you’ll have to take the tour!

#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour

The Gordon House

The Gordon House is an enchantment. Audrey Gordon is the primary resident, a child who died at the age of five. She is a lively and happy spirit that has played with local children who have come for music lessons over the years. If you have any doubts about ghost stories, this is the house that you’ll most look forward to on the tour. It’ll leave you questioning your doubts. It left me with goosebumps.

#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour
John Wilkes Booth went missing for some time after he shot Abraham Lincoln. Funny thing is there was a man who came to town to teach theatre that had many similarities to John Wilkes Booth named John St. Helen. Within the businesses in the town square, we learned more about the similarities between these two men and what became of the assassination of the President, a love story between a cowboy and a lady for the gentlemen and about a faceless little girl who wanders the streets and businesses.
#GranburyGhost #VisitGranbury #GhostTour Even on our tour, I found myself asking questions and couldn’t believe a couple tales that held hidden surprises along the way. It made me wonder just what happened in some of these buildings so long (and not so long) ago and what they leave behind.

If you love the tales of the past that make their way to the present, book yourself a personal tour. The Ghost and Legends Tour also has tour options for a nearby cemetery that holds secrets of its own including General Granbury himself and Jesse James.

Don’t forget to bring your camera – you may find evidence that they’re paying you a visit as well!

Upcoming Events

Bow Wow Trick or Treat – October 25th 12pm-4pm at Shanley Park. $5 per dog – Take your dog through the park trick or treating for doggie goodies. Vendors, costume contest, pet psychic, and photographer (all additional fees). All proceeds will benefit Hood County Animal Lovers Organization (HALO) and Second Chance Farm.

Granbury Paranormal Expo – April 25-26, 2015 – Meet and hear from the youngest survivor of Amityville Horror.

I’ve Created A List…

Today marks a month since I’ve turned 30. In the past, I’ve typically done lists of items to accomplish by my next birthday but the last couple years, I’ve focused primarily on me and becoming more of the person I want to be. Although that’s a challenge in and among itself, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love achieving other goals and that’s what this list is all about.

I have a few items that I want to challenge myself to. More or less shorter term goals that will be stepping stones into leading me to where I’m meant to go and letting go of fears. Being scared often times holds us back in life, things from the past where we can’t quite let go but why should we sometimes – they’ve got us to where we are today, right? It’s how to use them to our benefit and lead us to a better place, right?

I heard this quote the other day and it’s been on my mind ever since…

“The light can only shine thru broken vessels.”

  • Take a couple classes that are challenging to conquer a fear. I’m terrified of heights but love being outside. The more I looked into this, the more I thought I could do it and maybe actually enjoy it. – Rock climbing
  • Splurge a little. Buy something that I’ve wanted but isn’t necessarily a need but a want. Something that I will enjoy. Will it be a new pair of boots? A kayak? A puppy? Probably not a puppy considering I live in an apartment but maybe someday. I’ll work on this one.
  • Plan ahead and make homemade Christmas gifts.
  • Start that Etsy store.
  • Leave the bubble. I have this comfort bubble that I hate to leave. We’re going to pop it, at least for a little bit. Maybe an hour, maybe a day. Small steps.
  • Try to find my career. I want a job that is rewarding, challenging and where I would feel as if my contributions really matter.

What would you put on your list?

Adventures with Green Mountain Man… Fairfield Pond Edition

Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond

Each time I have an opportunity to go home to Vermont, I try to have a day of sibling bonding with my brother, Green Mountain Man. We’ve gone canoeing, fishing, hiking, summit the highest peak in Vermont (Mount Mansfield), traveled back country roads and just plain gotten silly. It’s one of the best times.

This past August, we spent the morning out on Fairfield Pond. Talk about a gorgeous morning! The water was calm and clear, the scenery breathtaking (as usual), and we had few guests. The most annoying one being this guy who kept landing on my shirt.

Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond, Dragonfly

Our other guests looked like this…

Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond

Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond

More so, we paddled around…
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond …checked out the camps…
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond …wished I owned a camp…
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond …took photos of the camps…
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond …and wished I owned a camp.
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond Did I mention I’d really like to have a camp on a lake? Maybe someday. This may be my spot.

All along, we were fishin’! I love to fish. If you ask my brother, he’ll tell you I don’t know how to wish. I’m impatient or I yank too hard and pull the hook right of the fish’s mouth. I mean, I guess I just have unbearable strength, right?
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond At one point, Green Mountain Man had hooked a good one for me and when I went to reel it in I knew it hadn’t been a little tiny fish like we had been catching (see above). So I’m reeling it in, Green Mountain Man goes to grab the net and then that darn fish jumped and unhooked himself. Gasp! The disappointment! It’s all good though because they were biting left and right and although a little on the smaller side, it’s the fun of being out there!

Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond

Sometimes the best getaway is to go fishin’!

Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond

Seriously, the morning was perfect. Why would you want to be anywhere else?
Vermont, Canoeing, fishing, Fairfield Pond